Highlands &
Mearns Wind.

Powering your community.

Tullo Wind Farm
energy tariff

A competitively priced energy tariff that will provide you with 100% green electricity from your local Tullo Wind Farm.

Eneco Mearns Wind - June 2017

Tariff benefits

  • Fixed rate until 30th June 2017
  • 100% green electricity
  • Dual fuel or electricity only
  • No exit fees
  • Payment options include Direct Debit or Pay on Receipt of Bill
  • Online account management
  • Paper or paperless bills available
  • UK-based call centre

Tariff costs

  Electricity Gas
Direct Debit Payment on receipt of bill
Direct Debit Payment on receipt of bill
Unit rate (p/kWh)
15.31 15.31
2.76 2.76
Standing charge (p/day)
17.81 20.55
17.81 20.55
Economy 7
Direct Debit
Payment on receipt of bill
Unit rate day (p/kWh)
Unit rate night (p/kWh)
Standing charge (p/day)

About our logo

Our regional Mearns logo for Highlands & Mearns Wind was designed by local brownie, Orla Faherty, age 9, because it represents the power the wind farm will bring to the community households. Orla said: “I loved drawing this picture because we have beautiful hills and the wind swooshes around making lots of energy’.

Find out more about your local Tullo Wind Farm. You will be redirected to Tullo Wind Farm’s website.

Contact us

For all enquiries about Highlands & Mearns Wind, please fill in our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, please call 0800 093 7511 or Email: highlandsmearnswind@eneco.com