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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to qualify for Highlands & Mearns Wind, customers must live in one of the eligible post code areas. The eligible post codes are detailed at the end of this document.

Highlands & Mearns Wind is available for both new and existing customers, whether on dual or single (Electric) fuel supply, provided you are not currently in debt to Co-operative Energy.

Customers on the Highlands & Mearns Wind energy tariff are required to pay via Direct Debit (DD) or make quarterly payments on receipt of bill (PoRoB).

Yes, please visit the Co-operative Energy Products Page for full regional variations. The Tariff Information Label (TILs) will also outline Economy 7 rates.

No. Highlands & Mearns Wind is not available to prepayment meter customers. If you have beenon a prepayment meter with Co-operative Energy for a minimum of two months and would be happy to pay charges to switch your meter/s to a credit meter, you would be able to join Highlands & Mearns Wind. You can speak with one of Co-operative Energy’s agents who will talk you through the process to change your meter type: 0800 954 0693.

It will generally be a few days from signing up. You will need to provide meter reading(s) when the switch takes place to ensure you are billed correctly.

Existing customers are welcome to join Highlands & Mearns Wind. You can call the team on 0800 093 7511 and they will assist you in your switch.

Alternatively, you can switch to Highlands & Mearns Wind through the Existing Customer Switch Form which can be found on Co-operative Energy’s website: www.cooperativeenergy.coop/compare/existing- customers

On average, Co-operative Energy dual fuel customers on Highlands & Mearns Wind will pay £950 per annum (dual fuel) & £540 per annum (electricity only) , making it one of the most competitively- priced green tariffs on the market.

The average cost is calculated using the Ofgem average consumption figures of Electric 3,100kWh and Gas 12,500kWh per annum, against the standard dual fuel tariffs of British Gas and the other Big 6 suppliers.

Yes, we can switch your electricity fuel to Highlands & Mearns Wind and your gas fuel to the Pioneer Variable tariff.

No, there is no exit penalty if you choose to leave Highlands & Mearns Wind.

You can provide meter readings through your personal online account at www.account.cooperativeenergy.coop.

You can also call Co-operative Energy’s UK Customer Service team on free phone: 0800 954 0693 to provide your meter reads.

It is important to provide regular meter reads to ensure your account is up-to-date and ensure you are only paying for the energy you use.

Unfortunately not as we supply the site not the individual. You won’t get an exit penalty though and can choose to switch back to Highlands & Mearns Wind in your new home providing the tariff is still open and you still live in one of the eligible post code areas.

Yes, if your account should fall into arrears, we may move you onto our Pioneer Variable Standard tariff.

The power enters the grid network which supplies your home. Co-operative Energy monitors your usage and ensures that the required amount is purchased from your local Eneco wind farm. All power that is generated from the wind farm is traced through certificates called Renewable Electricity Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) which proves where the electricity comes from.

During periods where the wind farm is offline, Co-operative Energy will make up your supply with other sources of renewable energy from the grid. This way, every customer signing up to the Highlands & Mearns Wind tariff can be assured the electricity they are using has been matched to the electricity purchased from their local wind farm, and they can be sure that they will have a constant and secure supply of green electricity.

A contribution towards the local community groups in your area, as well as other green energy initiatives will be made from the revenue of this tariff.

There are two simple ways to switch:

Click here to get an instant price comparison and see how much we can save you.

If you are an existing customer of Co-operative Energy, please use the existing customer switch form which can be found on Co-operative Energy’s website: If you are an existing customer of Co-operative Energy, please use the existing customer switch form which can be found on Co-operative Energy’s website: www.cooperativeenergy.coop

If you encounter any issues, you can call the team on 0800 093 7511 and they will assist you in your switch.

Using renewable energy or green energy enables you to reduce the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere because of the energy you use, which is known as your carbon footprint. This helps to reduce climate change. By using renewable energy sources like solar energy, we also reduce our dependence on fossil fuel, gas and oil reserves, which are becoming more expensive and difficult to find. It also reduces our dependence on imported fossil fuels, improving our energy security. The government has set a target to produce 15% of the UK's energy from renewable energy sources by 2020 and cut the country's carbon emissions by 34% by 2020.

Eneco Mearns Wind Tariff - eligible postcodes
DD10 8 DD9 7 AB39 2
DD10 9 AB30 1  
DD10 0 AB31 6  
Eneco Highlands Wind Tariff – eligible postcodes
IV14 IV22 2 IV23 2
IV4 7 IV6 7 IV12 5
IV13 7 IV2 5 IV2 6

Switching is easy!

Simply click your local wind farm’s energy tariff to find out more.